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check. checkcheck. one two.

25 April 1976
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the abridged variation:
i fancy old cars. would love a classic motorbike to rumble around on.
instruments? yes. sing, too. travel, like it IS my compass.
foreign films, independent endeavors, and documentaries.
poetry, scripts (film and stage), and my trail-guide bible.
my musical delights are broad and prismatic.
i am presently cinching together my first manuscript of poetry, correspondence, and travelogue.

a kite
of endeavor
in a body of sky

check.check. one. two. check.... whoa... check out this whammy of a woman!
Strengths: haha. she can go bra-less whenever she chooses.
Weak knees: plaid shirts... and guitars and harmonicas... banjo, accordian, and the loosening rhythms of percussion. and movement.
Special Skills: mechanical maiden: changes tires, engine oil, filters, and brakes. bakin' buddha: cinnamon roll goddess, brownie bandit, pie princess. break-it and repair: diverse repertoire. can also make-ass-of self and really do it well
Weapons: the grin. word has it that someone is compiling a dictionary of her grins. and Beware the octopus hair! perilous terrain. keep the fingers out of the cage if you know what's good for you!
smells and sounds: blackberry bramble, sea air, old car interior, cinnamon, rice fields, fresh split timber, skunkweed, damp earth, rain, concentration, fresh cut green beans, unlit cigarettes, clove, my place when i'm baking, my place when i'm cozying, pear and lemon, autumn leaf decomposition, the warmth of a lover... motorbike hive, children giggling, upright bass, mmmmm, *k*, water movement, *ffff*, the voices of friends, deep resonance, chimes, stones rubbing into one another beneath my feet, being under water, wind. rain. wind. rain.


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